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The Butterfly Tile Design Contest

At New Life Refuge Ministries, we have a vision to end child sex trafficking here in south Texas and beyond. Our ministry’s threefold goals are to: 

  1. Provide a refuge of hope and healing for child survivors at our campus
  2. Provide education to our community on the issue
  3. Establish partnerships with other organizations (in law enforcement or the hospitality industry, for example) who will fight with us against modern-day slavery. 

While this may be a sensitive topic for elementary-aged students, they understand the idea of helping others and of starting over, or “rebirth.” Our art contest reflects this theme. 

We are choosing a new design for ceramic tiles that will be manufactured by Aloe Tile here in Corpus Christi. These tiles will be given to our donors and sold to our supporters. The winning design will be selected by members of the Aloe Tile team.

Design Requirements: 

  1. Butterflies must be incorporated (to reflect the idea of rebirth). A butterfly or butterflies must be clear in the design.
  2. The shape of the tile is a 6×6 square, although some variation is acceptable. 

Submission Instructions: 

  1. If the design is submitted in person, all designs must have the artist’s first name and last initial, age, and school/homeschool organization name on the back for easy identification by the judges. If the design is submitted online, the information must be entered in the applicable fields at the time of the design upload.
  2. Deadline for design submission is FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 2020.
  3. You may email anytime with questions. 

Our Celebration of Courage gala takes place in late January and we will announce the winning submission and artist’s first name that evening. Please understand how grateful we at New Life are to you as teachers and parents to be willing to take valuable instructional time for this special project. We are excited to see what your artists create! 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at

The Butterfly Tile Design Contest​
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Champions fore Charity makes a 107% difference. Donors are champions fore supporting charities and school programs. Charities are champions fore supporting our community.

Formerly known as Birdies for Charity®, Champions fore Charity is a fundraising program that provides participating charities and schools the opportunity to generate contributions through the Valero Texas Open. Champions fore Charity is a no-cost program that gives 100% of the funds raised back to the participating organizations, plus incentives including a 7% match. 

Last day to donate is April 15, 2024.


What's Gift Cards for Goodies?

Our “Gift Cards for Goodies” has two meanings for the child survivors of trafficking healing at our campus. Gift cards are a reward for healthy choices and behavior and of course, they can then pick out tangible “goodies” with the gift cards. The program provides recognition for the child survivors when they hit a milestone, help another student out, grow in leadership, go above and beyond, or are just “caught doing something good”.

How does a Dollar become Dynamic?

1) Contact New Life Refuge Ministries to complete your For Benefit of Fundraising commitment before raising money. Call 361-946-6331 or EMail:

2.) Make a collection container. (Graphics/template provided)

3) What you simply say to people in your office, people in any group, and / or to people you meet: “Please give $1.00 to help stamp out human trafficking.” That’s all that is needed. If they have questions give a simple explanation about New Life Refuge Home of Hope for underage survivors.

4) Ask the person to, in turn, “spread the word about the issue and need for housing,”– ask others to begin to collect.

5) The simple dollar over and over becomes the “Dynamic Dollar!”

6) Remember: a “decline of a dollar” for your jug is not a reflection of you personally. Keep plugging away!

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Our first priority in all of our programs is care and safety. We make an active and intentional effort to prevent child abuse, including verbal, physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse through implementing strict child safety protocols and having a zero tolerance for such behavior from any employee.